Graphic Design Work

Throughout the years as a graphic designer and art director, I have worked for and with agencies, magazines, nonprofits, in-house design departments, small businesses and corporations. These various opportunities have aided in developing my diverse background and allowed me to learn processes for many levels of client needs. 

Some corporate clients I have created graphic design for include:

Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Georgia Pacific, McKesson, AIG, Stiefel Pharmaceuticals, Merial, FarmRich, SeaPak, AT&T, Cox Communications, Westin, Carvel, The Arthritis Foundation, BASF, Claxton Poultry, and B.U.M. Equipment.  

Keeping it simple, here are a few recent graphic design samples for small business start-ups I created as a freelancer.

branding and design for thehugbox™
thehugbox™. BRAND – cheerful, friendly, caring.
This is actually my creation. It was not easy being my own client. It was a long process of creating, learning and working full-time while trying to launch a business. This process involved naming, research, trademarking, business licensing, networking, constant social media posts, website keep-up and figuring out where best to spend money. But I absolutely loved every bit of it and still do. Creative mentors and consultants along with feedback from my key audience was and is still crucial. I have had nothing but support and praise for my gift concept, so I see a bright and cheery future for thehugbox.

branding and design for utopitrade
utopitrade. BRAND – global, united, giving.
This was a wonderful branding and design experience. The client and I had a lot of the same values with her give-back shopping concept. She had ideas for the creative, so we worked together to keep the brand as simple as possible. It is still a work in progress while she works on another fabulous give back business… stay tuned. Think tiny house.

branding and design for forage and flower

forage and flower. BRAND – elegant, innovative, eco-friendly.
Timing is everything and that is exactly what happened when I met these wonderful ladies. They both had just moved to the area and were in need of branding and design for their new business. As sustainable visionaries, they grow a lot of their flowers and plants. And being creative people, they had ideas flourishing and I took those and built a clean, elegant and simple brand. Their business is blossoming!

Need more samples of my graphic design work?

If you would like to see more graphic design samples for corporate, healthcarereal estate, technology, nonprofit or other small business work, please contact me. Click here to connect.