thehugbox™, a gift delivery service that sends a hugThe Hug Box, a gift delivery service, was created after years of exploration.

Finding unique gifts for friends and family was always enjoyable for me. I would put together gift baskets with each individual in mind. My problem was shipping a big, bulky basket with un-eco-friendly cellophane. So over the years, the gift ‘basket’ became a recycled bag or box.

The day I found out my dear friend had breast cancer, was devastating, but I knew I had to be positive for her. Being there for her in person on a daily basis was difficult. I wanted to do something special, so I put together a gift bag full of fun, happy products. She loved the personal touch and the thoughtful gifts. This made me realize there was a need for a meaningful gift service just for these moments.

Back in 2004, when I first thought about starting a gift business, I had the ideas of a hug mug and a hug-o-gram, but with my design career so busy, I put that all aside. Ten years later, after losing my job, it was time. With consideration of past notes and sketches and further creative brainstorming, I thought of a hug in a box. I had many different names, but I kept going back to the Hug Box. My gift business was born.

As I started my search for the the Hug Box products, I knew they needed to be handmade, eco-friendly, and/or all-natural. And also be products created by artisans from across the USA. I love finding and supporting professional artisans who create quality and unique products, and that work with the Hug Box themes.

But the best part of my business vision are the stories of the Hug Box recipients. Knowing a Hug Box delivery made a difference and brought a smile to their faces is the most wonderful part of this gift-giving venture. Please visit us at and find out more about our gifts and all of our artisans.