Painting is my relaxing getaway from the chaos of the world. While in college, I studied painting and drawing along with getting my BFA in graphic design. The medium I used in my paintings was strictly oils. Charcoal, pastels, ink and pencil were my choices for drawing. I was mostly drawn to Michalengelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Mondrian, Kandinsky, Monet and Salvador Dali. Also, my talented father, Jack Wahl. In addition to being an oil painter, he had a career in creating paint-by-numbers at Craft Master and then CraftHouse. Today, as a result of graphic design as my career, I have ventured into acrylics and mixed media using recycled and textural elements. Most of all, I create to convey positive and warm messaging, because I believe in awareness of good and avoiding the negative.

Mixed Media

Abstract using acrylic, charcoal, ink, pencil, paper, molding paste, recycled materials.

vwahlacreative paintingsPersonal Collection, Love Birds, Acrylic Mixed Media, 36 x 36

vwahlacreative paintingsPersonal Collection, Jardin de paix, Acrylic Mixed Media, 36 x 48

vwahlacreative paintingsGift, Le droit chemin, Acrylic Mixed Media, 24 x 18

vwahlacreative paintings$400. Paradis, Acrylic Mixed Media, 24 x 36

vwahlacreative paintingsGift, Equilibrio della ricchezza, Acrylic Mixed Media, 36 x 36

Pet Paintings

Lola and Spike will always be a family member. A memorable painting will be a life-long visual of that sweet loving pet. If possible, I would get to know your pet and take photos, so that I can create an artistic composition and also capture their character and their best moments. If not, I can work with photos supplied from you.

vwahlacreative pet paintingsCommissioned Work, Buddie, Acrylic, 36 x36

Art de mémoire™

Custom mixed media art infusing your personal contributions and my painting style. Take scrapbook moments out of the bookshelf or closet and share your story in which to create your Art de mémoire. Those happy moments hanging on your wall and make your smile everyday.