Oh the memories of old school design techniques.

In the old school days of design, we used toxic chemicals and sharp knives. It was a common practice to sketch your ideas out before heading into the camera room and typesetting the copy. After these steps, plus do-overs, you had what you needed to put together your presentation. You had to have some incredible raw talent since there was no computer software to do it for you. Maybe you hired a professional photographer or illustrator and added in your art direction. Growing through those old school methods and being a part of the transition from hand-creating to computer-generating is like no other experience. Using an incredible machine, the Apple (now MacPro), to play and explore and be able to make more mistakes and have more time on my side and to learn.
Thankfully the chemicals are gone (not the sketching). As a result of years of sitting and staring at a computer for long periods of time, I now have chronic neck issues and fuzzy eyes. Lesson learned – take more breaks. It’s amazing to see today how the social media platforms have blown up and how fun it is to take photos, and create quickly in an ever-changing, fast-paced world. And then sometimes… I stop and sit and draw or paint and getaway from it all. 
Old School Design

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