Getting ready for SUP restorative yoga class

This past weekend I attended a wellness retreat in Atlanta called the Wigwam Festival. You could attend one day or both days and choose your classes from yoga, paddleboarding, inspirational talks, healthy eating, and more.

The first day I was there, I was actually there as a vendor for thehugbox. The second day I chose to play and be a participant. I met some amazing ladies (vendors and participants) and even a couple of very nice fellas, one of which was a circus performer and taught me how to hula hoop and another who was giving away free organic Runa tea. The day surrounded me with talent, positivity, bravery, individualism, vulnerability, strength and simple fun!

Attending this event was great timing for me. It’s funny how the people I meet and the conversations that pop up happen when I need reminding of how to live life to the fullest. By fullest, I mean taking care of yourself, which lends to being able to take care of others even more. One of the talks I attended was about Mind Chatter and the negative thoughts that run through our heads. I’ve heard it before and they will keep saying it again and again… positive thoughts and actions keep life happy. It’s the daily reminder part and habits you form, the quick stop and think before you speak or do moments that are the hardest–to grasp the positive energy and rid of the negative. We all have bad days, but to be able to snap out of that bad mood as soon as possible and not let it reflect on ourselves and then others is the challenge. The speaker gave us a carabiner with velcro strips (with a place to write that negative area in our life we wanted to work on getting rid of) that would hook onto our keychains or everyday bags so that we could quickly ‘rip’ the negative away when it popped in our heads. Then as I was watching the Today Show this morning, they had a segment on the same thing! Wellness week and how everyone is too busy for an elaborate plan to be well. So they came up with practicing One Small Thing a day. Ironically, Mindful Monday was positive affirmations. They suggested setting timers on your phone that said: Today, I choose to be: [grateful, calm, motivated, etc.] and to wear a rubberband on your wrist (with the positive affirmation) and whenever a negative thought popped in your head to snap the rubberband. Well… I am doing all of the above. And I shared it with a friend of mine, who has been going through some tough days lately. She was just talking to me yesterday about all of the negative thoughts running through her head and not taking time to take care of herself.

It is a busy, unexpecting world, which of course can bring on bad things. Stop and smell the roses is for real, for your health and happiness and those around you. My thought and action… a hug a day keeps the blues away, even if you are hugging yourself.

Positive Wellness

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