I use most of these superfoods in my morning smoothie:
1. Kale
2. Coconut (oil)
3. Acai and 4. Goji Berries (I use lots of (frozen) blueberries, raspberries and strawberries)
5. Spirulina (This is in my vegan protein powder)
6. Maca (Great for mood, stress and anxiety)
7. Chia Seeds (High in Omega 3s)
(plus almond butter, turmeric (anti-imflammatory), frozen bananas, and organic apple juice)

And the last 3 superfoods:
8. Cacao (I eat 70% dark chocolate everyday, sometimes dipped in natural peanut butter)
9. Broccoli

More info here:
10 Superfoods

P.S. I think this healthy smoothie needs a new name like Healthie or SuperSmooth.

Superfoods. Super Smoothie.

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